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Ingredients by Nature

Excellentia’s products span the needs of multiple industries. Manufacturers of Flavor, Fragrance, Spice and Seasoning, Prepared Food, Beverage, Health and Personal Care, Aroma Therapy, Cosmetic, Soap and Detergent products turn to us for natural ingredient solutions. The ingredients we offer are in a constant state of evolution, enhanced and expanded, relying on the most advanced processing technology.

Consistency, quality and excellence are what customers count on when they turn to us for:

• Essential Oils

• Aroma Chemicals

• Botanical Extracts

• Functional Flavor Systems

• Customized Flavor & Fragrance Blends

Today, our partnerships with Axxence Aromatic (GmbH) and Bernardi Aromes have respectively expanded our ability to provide Natural Aromatic and Fragrance Ingredients.

Essential Oils

Excellentia offers a wide range of essential oils that meet the needs of multiple applications. We provide products in the major essential oil categories, including:

• Citrus

• Spices & Herbs

• Florals


Aroma Chemicals

• Natural Aroma Chemicals sourced from our
partnership with Axxence Aromatic (GmbH),
European creators of natural aroma ingredients

• Synthetic Aroma Chemicals

• APIs – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients


Botanical Extracts

• Resinoids

• Absolutes

• Concretes

• Extracts

• Distillates


Functional Flavor Systems

We provide natural, functional flavor systems which can improve the taste and aroma of formulations that include healthy ingredients. From sweeteners to vitamins, from dairy enhancers to powdered and sprayable flavor enhancers, Excellentia has the solution in helping you create better tasting, healthier versions of the food and beverage products that consumers love. Our extensive collection of more than 500 products are complemented by Excellentia’s branded lines of specialty ingredients, that provide specific characteristics in varied food and beverage applications.

Excellerate® Natural Meat Enhancement: inhibits the undesirable warmed-over taste in pre-cooked meat. Through a proprietary process that binds moisture and extends yields, meat flavors are enhanced with substantial meaty tones.

EFx Natural Masking Flavors: Making “good for you”, nutritionally improved foods and beverage taste better, overcoming the off tastes of vitamins and minerals in foods by eliminating bitter, beany or metallic taste perceptions.

EFx Natural Antioxidant Systems: extends shelf life and consistency of products that use only natural ingredients; works in harmony with both flavors and fragrances.

Unitized Beverage Concentrates: packaged units for consistency and convenience, these concentrates are ideal for coffees, teas, beverages, cocktail mixes and powders.


Customized Flavor & Fragrance Blends

When standard products are not enough, Excellentia can provide expert Custom Manufacturing services to meet your specific product needs. Contact Us to learn more about how our custom product development capabilities can add value to your products.